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Utah Center for Financial Services (UCFS)

The Utah Center for Financial Services (UCFS) is an independent research center funded by grants and focused on helping others to understand the dual-banking system, the role of state-chartered banks, and other financial service providers in the United States.

State and national banks operate under two separate regulatory structures. Dual banking allows state and national banks to co-exist within the same system. Economists and industry experts agree that dual banking creates a secure and dynamic system. However, this co-existence is not without its challenges.

UCFS conducts research to better understand the challenges of state-chartered banking, to explore the role innovation can play in providing financial services to under-served communities and to develop policy recommendations to improve the use of technology in the delivery of financial services. We support research – conducted by faculty at universities nationwide, in partnership with industry associations, and done in conjunction with state regulatory bodies and state banking supervisors.

UCFS was founded by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah to develop targeted curriculum, provide projects for practical application, and offer networking opportunities with industry leaders for both future industry workers and those currently in the workforce.


Dual banking provides more opportunities for robust and safe financial services for Americans. Our mission is to support the dual banking system and financial service entities that benefit consumers.

  • We provide research and analysis to inform public policy leaders and regulators.
  • We educate the financial industry workforce through targeted curriculum and practical application.
  • We share resources and collaborate as a center to advance the financial services industry.